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The Next Generation Reference Tool for the Modern Artist

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Art-block and doom-scrolling on reference image sites go hand-in-hand. Artscaper is designed to optimize your workflows, bringing your vision and inspiration to reality.

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Unlock Effortless Search Success

Simply enter a detailed description of your desired images, and our tool will use natural language processing to generate relevant search terms and phrases.

Automated Reference Search

Artscaper's technology will then generate queries to search our hand-curated database with, allowing you also you filter through them for more specific results.

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Reference Boards on the Web

Once you have found references you like, you can save them to our web-based reference boards, where you can generate color schemes and share your compositions with your peers.

Streamline your Creativity

By using Artscaper, you can spend more time on putting your creative vision onto a canvas.

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Crafted for Artists

Quickly preview query results, filtered to your needs.

Artscaper organizes your search results in categories of entities, subjects, abstract concepts, and moods.

Add any image on the web to your reference board

With easy drag and drop functionality, you can organize your inspiration with speed and flexibility.

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