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As artists, we know firsthand how frustrating it can be to spend hours searching for the perfect reference material, especially for niche and abstract concepts like culture, posing, and lighting.

We started Artscaper to be able to search once and get all of the references we would need.

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Artist-Curated Databases

Other search engines are cluttered with e-commerce content and irrelevant results; however, at Artscaper, we've hand-curated our database to ensure that you have access to only the highest quality and most relevant references.

We can't do it alone, though – if you'd like to contribute to our growing collection of resources for artists, please fill out this form.

Web-Based Reference Boards

Our reference boards allow you to easily create mood boards by dragging and dropping images from the web. Want to send your reference collection to your peers? Simply save your board and share the link with anyone you'd like to access it.

Whether you're working on a specific project or just looking for inspiration, our reference boards are a great way to curate and organize the material that matters most to you.

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Our team is comprised of both artists and engineers who have delivered cutting edge solutions in areas like web, robotics, and ML.

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